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Rotterdam Traffic

Getting to the boat

This was from a letter my mom wrote in 1965:

We expected to have several hours in Rotterdam for a visit with K.. but instead of taking us 50 minutes to get to Rotterdam..it took us about 1 1/2 hours. There were three places where we had one-way traffic due to road construction, and the lines were LONG and full of SLOW trucks. I began to be worried about even making the boat..And then everyone said there were signs pointing to the boat -- we saw nary a one..

It turned out we were being directed to the city office, and NOT to the boat, because we found ourselves in the center of town, which is completely torn up, they are building a metro system. NOW if Holland can have a metro system with the soft squishy ground, it seems to me that Baltimore ought to be able to have one -- at least our ground isn't THAT wet!

We milled around until we found the Hertz office, and we collapsed into it. I can drive all over Europe with the least nerve wracking feeling until I hit the cities in Holland -- they drive with no concern for the "tegenliggers" and scare me to death!

Mr K told us that we didn't have to be on the boat until 3, but we had just been in the main office, and they told us again (told us this in Wiesbaden and Utrecht) that we HAD to be on by 2 or there would be no guarantee --and having had such a close call of only 5 min to spare in NY, we were a little nervous about it -- and very annoyed that we couldn't go on and leave our stuff and then get off -- after all what could we take off that visitors couldn't. NEXT time, I'm going to get visitor's cards for us, and use those to get on the boat, and not use our boarding cards until we want to get on! But we were much too excited and confused to think straight at that time.

Mr K told us he would meet us on board, and the Hertz man said he would take us to the boat. Mr K was really a dear. He had a bouquet of the most beautiful pink roses. After he left we cut the stems and released them from their bonds, and they are beautifully fresh this a.m. I think our steward was VERY impressed at our distinguished Dutch visitor and brought us a vase of water to put them in and had been VERY attentive and helpful ever since.

We went up on deck and looked around a little and he had a map of the harbor for us, which was very interesting...

I had better break this off so it will get mailed in Southampton.

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I nearly always get butterflies in my stomach ,when it time to depart. For me it,s part of the fun.

by alectrevor

I get queasy when I am getting ready to go. I can't eat anything that isn't really bland. Especially if I have to get up early. It happens for things that aren't as much fun as trips. I can't say that I appreciate it as part of the process.

by greatgrandmaR

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